About Us

MAGNA. The greatest; The ultimate.

Founded In middle of 2015, begins from the trip to Jogjakarta and Bali, Indonesia the founder captivated by the making of Silver Jewelries. At the same year, they started their very first jewelry line named Empress Box, with the help from expert Bali artisan to make their very first marsterpiece(s).  

By the time the demand for Men’s Jewellery is increase, Empress Box transformed to MAGNA in 2016.

MAGNA is more than just a name, MAGNA means the The Greatest; The Ultimate. It is the voice we use to tell our value and vision to transform bigger & engage wider fashionable people in the world.

With focus on luxurious material from semi–precious stones to micro pave diamond with gold plated finishing, each statement piece made by hand from the experts artisan and contains quality with superior attention to detail and everlasting style.

Each piece you see has been meticulously designed to ensure it meets our strict standards of style and quality. We take pride in our collection and keep the selection limited to only the most stylish and fashion-forward pieces.

MAGNA simply delivers the new modern luxury into a part of everyday life.